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DD 2970320

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Product Details:
Product Width: 1.4 inches
Product Height: 3.4 inches
Product Weight: 1.0 pounds
Package Length: 7.7 inches
Package Width: 6.8 inches
Package Height: 2.4 inches
Package Weight: 1.0 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 11 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.0 ( 11 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

22 of 22 found the following review helpful:

5You get what you pay for...Feb 19, 2009
By Angie Manges "hoosiergirl65"
I am giving a review based on what This camcorder should perform based on the price. Too many people expect a $100 camcorder to perform like a $500 one. Compare apples to apples, people. This is great to stick in your pocket or purse and have on hand for those moments you wish you had SOMETHING to capture a surprise or unexpected moment, because it is quick and simple to start up and use, and SO small!. I find the screen size for something this small to be unbelieveable too, over 2". It does the basics and will record those precious memories, especially the ones that come and go pretty quick. No, the sound or picture quality is not superb, but better than NOTHING! It takes 2 AA batteries and uses them pretty quick; within and hour to hour and a half. I only use rechargeble batteries so this is not a problem for me. Only get regular ones if you're not "charged up" and need them right away. I plan on getting a Canon in the $250-$300 range when I have saved up for it; I refuse to put one on credit, that's why I got this for now. That's about it!

5 of 5 found the following review helpful:

2Not the greatest camcorder.Apr 03, 2009
By GoldenAnderos
This camera may seem like a good deal at first, but you may want to think twice before buying it. First of all, it uses AA batteries instead of coming with a rechargeable battery. It burns through them like fire through paper. There's no lens cap, so it can be damaged easily. When mine came, the battery cover did not fit on properly, but that seems to have fixed itself now that it's been a few months since getting it. You need to be outside or in a very well lit room to get a decent picture. Even slight movement of the camera makes the video shaky, and just slightly tapping it while filming makes a loud noise. So if you rustle around with it, there's quite a bit of noise, which can get annoying. Most of the features it comes with are pointless or don't work very well (Night Shot is terrible, but that's sort of to be expected; the video light is pointless and looks like a flashlight, and the mp3 player is useless). Worst of all, the stupid designers made it so that once the battery is below half, you can't film anymore. And that usually happens after the first ten minutes. The camera also doesn't feel very sturdy. Also, it's difficult to make the camera stand upright by itself, because of the unbalance the flip out screen makes. Also, the viewing angle is very narrow, so it looks like it would already be halfway zoomed in on a regular camera. The digital zoom feature is terrible.

On to the pluses: the screen is 360 degrees rotating, so you can see yourself while filming. The camera takes decent pictures, but you have to be standing perfectly still. It comes with a flash for taking pictures, which is good. You can change the focus of the lens from close up to far away, but that's sort of to be expected. The camera is simple and easy to use. The camera takes decent video as long as it's standing still (at least, decent for it's price). It comes with an SD slot, a plug for viewing on your TV, and a USB cable (obviously). The sound quality is better than expected, but still not great. And that's all I can think of.

The camera is half-decent for it's price, but you may want to look into the Creative Vado or the Flip Mino for budget camcorders.

6 of 6 found the following review helpful:

4Decent video/camera for the priceMay 10, 2009
By Electronic's Junkie "EMB"
I received this video cam/camera last year for Christmas. I've not experienced any problems at this time. But like most people say you get what you pay for. It's not a $500 camera but its good for a good $100 camera. I would recommend it for basic use and good for traveling. If you wanna pay more for a more advanced thats your choice.

7 of 8 found the following review helpful:

4Had since last year, super durable if you have kidsAug 12, 2009
By Paula W.
I got this camera at bestbuy last year on sale. It is made for XP so I can easilly import all the video into windows movie maker. Windows movie maker wouldnt let me import quicktime video to make movies or do editing so I was happy to get a camera MADE for XP. The picture quality is ok, I leave mine set to 8 mp. It has a stabilizer for taking stills but it doesnt really work well. I use it to capture video of my son since I cant afford HD yet. The video picture is much better. The picture comes out great when you burn it to dvd for playback on TV after using windows movie maker (I use roxio dvd burning software for my home movies).

SUPER PLUS: I have a son who is going to be 15 months soon and I can give him this camera and not even worry about it breaking. I have a kodak that I dropped and it caused a leak in the screen so even though it works still its basically useless because you cant see the preview screen. This aiptek camera has fallen from my hands (I am almost 5'10") onto CONCRETE and STILL works perfectly.It has at least one dent from hitting the ground! I even bent the screen that flips out and it went back into place. This is the most durable camera Ive been around.

If you dont mind not havning HD then this is a great camera.

Peace in Christ

9 of 11 found the following review helpful:

2Not what i expectedJul 14, 2008
By Michelle Finisdore "Handbellstar"
I picked up this product on sale at my local Kmart and was thrilled for the price, however the first one I got the screen kept freezing and wouldn't stop. I continually had to remove the batteries and try new ones. The second one that I got after returning the first seemed to work better, however the MP3 player was confusing on how to get the music and the screen kept freezing again. Just was not what I was hoping for.

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