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12 PACKS - B&E Home Essential Vacuum Storage Bags (3 Large/ 5 Medium/ 2 Large Travel Bags/ 2 Medium Travel Bags) - Set of 12
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12 PACKS - B&E Home Essential Vacuum Storage Bags (3 Large/ 5 Medium/ 2 Large Travel Bags/ 2 Medium Travel Bags) - Set of 12


FBA BE Vacuum Bag 12 sets

This product is currently out of stock

No Matter the size of your home, chances are you have struggled with how to keep it organized, especially if you live in a small space, like an apartment or dorm room. The vacuum storage bags are the perfect solution for overstuffed and unorganized closets, drawers and cabinets. Easily packed and vacuum-sealed with any vacuum cleaner with a hose. The vacuum storage bags also keep your belongs safe from pests, moisture and dirt.


Large: 70 * 90 CM --- 3 pcs

Medium: 50 * 65 CM --- 5 pcs

Large Travel Bags: 50 * 70 CM --- 2 pcs - Easy roll-up to remove air and save space

Medium Travel Bags: 35 * 35 CM --- 2 pcs - Easy roll-up to remove air and save space

Product Details:
Package Length: 12.0 inches
Package Width: 8.1 inches
Package Height: 4.9 inches
Package Weight: 2.4 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 80 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 3.0 ( 80 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

17 of 17 found the following review helpful:

5So far, so good!Apr 29, 2012
By T. Trimble
I got these a few days ago and decided to try them out. Previously I have used the name brand SpaceBags and have found them to not hold up after repeated use. Yesterday I put two comforters in one large bag, vaccummed out the air and the seal is holding up fine so far. My last SpaceBag re-inflated in a few hours. I also tried out one of the travel bags and used it to roll up a pillow. So far, the seal has held.

18 of 21 found the following review helpful:

3not reliableSep 14, 2012
By Mother of 2 "SBranco"
These bags are unreliable.
They advertise it as something you can use long term but it doesn't seem so in my case.
I bought this particular one and few other sizes and brand even to help us move.
Of all the bags (this plus 3 other boxes) only 2 bags held up the vacuum for the entire move.

Here are some of the issues with this particular one:
1: the grey lid part comes off and sometimes the base becomes unscrewed letting air to come back in.
Apparently, you unscrew the base and then use the vacuum to get the air out and then screw the base back tight and then clip in the lid.
2: No markings like the space saver brand as to how full you should pack it before vacuuming. It should be common sense but still it would help so others also know if someone else is helping.
3: They dont look anything like what they advertise with a beautifully folded clothes looking the same once vacuumed. All the clothes will require extensive ironing/steaming and don't expect for it to look like the pictures because it will NOT be perfectly squared and flattened.
4: They also tear easily and 2 bags actually had very small tears which I located by vacuuming and trying to hear and feel where it was leaking from. (fixed it with some packing tape though)
5: Many will leak
6: Don't rely on the plastic tabs it comes with to actually seal and sip the bag... its flimsy and useless. Just use you hands and make sure you feel/hear the click as you close it.

If you need to shrink down the size for a temporary time (like for moving), it will make do BUT don't expect to keep it long term.

And for anyone that may think that I didn't seal it properly do know that each and every bag I used, I made sure it was completely sealed by doing by hand, making sure I felt and heard the zip lock click close and even went back over it 2 more times to make sure I didn't miss a spot. I took my time and didnt rush at all when packing so what i did was the best humanly possible way.

Bottom line is that it worked ok for what I needed, which was moving. I wouldn't even bother using it for anything long term.

8 of 9 found the following review helpful:

5More space bagsJul 11, 2012
By Sarah
These ones hold up the best compared to the name brand space bags. They hold their seal longer and are a little easier to cap before all the air gets in. Wish I would have gotten these first and not the other brand of space bags. The travel ones are great too. I can't wait to use them on a trip that is longer than a weekend to test them out again.

4 of 4 found the following review helpful:

5Very happy with purchaseAug 22, 2012
By Great Shopper
The product arrived promptly and worked very well. We used it to help us with our moving, and we were able to compress blankets, pillows, and clothing into much smaller area than we would have been able to without the product.

6 of 7 found the following review helpful:

1Awful. Just awful.Oct 28, 2012
By BritniR
These bags sealed and I was super excited. Then we went to store them and found the air had gotten back in less than 24 hours later. Not worth it, even at this low price.

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